Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keeping things out of landfills & saving the planet

We have learned how landfills affect the environment in a harmful way, but what can we do to keep trash out of them and re-use them for new products? Well, the answer is in Energy Star products and other energy efficient items used in many new homes today. One company named Mar-Flex Building Solutions is on top of the game with their innovated ways of using recycled materials to build and use in houses. Their building products contain 25 to 100 percent recycled materials, even though current building industry standards only require 10 percent to be considered a "green" product. The first green product made by Mar-Flex was Shockwave in 2007. It was a crushproof drain board that protects the concrete. The Shockwave was made of scrap from car seats and dashboards that was heated to 350 degrees to hold together. It was the only one in the world made of 100 percent recycled material. They later produced more green products such as an air barrier, Vortex, etc (Levingston, Chelsey). Another way to help the environment and keep waste out of landfills is re-using parts from old cars in a "bone yard" then going an buying brand new parts. You can get just about anything you need for your car for a very cheap price, and it is helping the environment at the same time.

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