Monday, February 28, 2011

Diseases Caused by Landfills

Many people may think that landfills do not cause harm to people that do not come in direct contact with them, but they are wrong. Landfills can cause many different diseases and health problems that we may not even know relate. As learned previously, the leachette systems do not hold toxic waste in for long periods of time, allowing toxins to seep in the soil and water. Some of the diseases that can be cause by this action are cancer, kindney and liver disease, brain and nerve damage, malaria, cholera, and dysentry ( Different chemicals in waste cause different diseases. For example, if the soil was contaminated with lead, a person that comes in contact with that soil can acquire kidney or liver disease. Soil contaminated with pesticides or weed killers may cause all types of cancer. It is not just the soil that is affected, but the water as well as it seeps through the soil into the citys water system (

Although it has yet to be confirmed, in the city of Greensboro, NC, their have been significantly higher reports of pancreatic cancer cases near the towns landfill then in any other surrounding city in the state. They also believe that it is from toxins leaking into the soil and into the water supply (Lehmert, Amanda).

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  1. I am doing an assignment and this was useful but I wanted the actual diseases that the people living on the landfill caught. Good though.